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Tax reporting made easy with AIA | IDES Reporter

  • Enables organizations to deliver both AIA / EAR and FATCA tax reporting.

  • Checks XML files for AIA / EAR or FATCA conformity and provides data encryption according to the respective specifications.

  • AIA / EAR and FATCA modules can be licensed separately.

  • Users who have to report according to both standards, AIA / EAR and FATCA, will be able to use one single tool with the same process for both purposes.

  • Provides easy-to-use data upload and status tracking functionality.


Financial institutions in Switzerland have to collect data according to the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) or AIA / EAR.

Before uploading to ESTV, XML files have to be encrypted with cryptographic mechanisms similar to US FATCA reporting.

FATCA Reporting

Financial Institutions that have signed a Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act agreement with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have to transfer relevant business data to IRS’ International Data Exchange Service (IDES).


AIA | IDES Reporter – High Level Process

Product Key Features

XML Validation

Validate the XML format

Data Encryption

Encrypt your tax report

Data Upload

Deliver your tax report

Status Overview

Track status updates


AIA | IDES Reporter includes two modules which can be licensed separately. Below are the features shared by both modules.


User friendly XML schema validation (display nonconforming lines)


User friendly visualization of notification messages


User friendly state visualization


Compression of the digitally signed data file and naming


Encryption of the compressed data file and naming


Production Tax Authority based data packet


Nil Reporting


Support for multiple GIINs (FATCA) and EST/FTA ID’s (AIA / EAR)


Support for multiple GIINs (FATCA) and EST/FTA ID’s (AIA / EAR)



Runs on Microsoft Windows® 7, 8.x, 10, Server 2012R2 (10.2018), Server 2016

The IDES Module also has exclusive features:


Produce XML Digital Signature and Validation according to the W3C XML Digital Signature specification


Wrapping of the cipher key using the recipient’s public key, incl. certificate chain validation via OCSP or CRL


Production of the sender metadata file



IGA 1 and IGA 2 Support


Support for AES cipher using multi source RNGs, including HW devices (Quantum RNG)

AIA | IDES Reporter can handle one or multiple ESTV/FTA ID’s or Global Intermediary Identification Numbers (GIINs).

XML Digital Signature and Signature Validation compliant with the W3C XML Digital Signature Specification ( including schema validation.

AIA | IDES Reporter takes care of compressing the digitally signed data file, encrypting it, including certificate chain validation via OCSP or CRL, and naming it as required by ESTV/FTA or IDES standards. Thus, it produces the sender metadata file and the ESTV/FTA or FATCA data packet for you.

After successful upload, the sender receives a notification message from ESTV/FTA or IRS. For IRS messages, AIA | IDES Reporter validates this notification message using the same cryptographic mechanisms, thus guaranteeing your FATCA file validity and confirming the success of the tax reporting process.

Among others, AIA | IDES Reporter security features include the production of RSA signatures employing any hash function from the SHA family, support for RSA keys in PKCS#12 file format, AES cipher, secure memory locked vectors and secure memory wipe out after usage.

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Your purchase of AIA | IDES Reporter includes an installation manual and user manual plus a certain number of support tickets. If required, additional support tickets may be purchased in packages of five.

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